Royalties But No Up Front Payment?

I have an artist friend who has been approached by a writer who has asked her to illustrate children's books which he is hoping to publish.     The deal he is proposing is that my friend will only get royalties, but no up-front payment.    The author will not disclose the name of his prospective [...]

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Making The Most Of Job Sites To Find Writing Assignments

“I've been receiving tweets from you with links to companies offering writing work. Would you explain how one should approach these job opportunities? Advertisers say what they want & will pay but expect the applicant to bid to get the job. Is this like vanity publishing?”   This question came in recently from a member and [...]

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5 Top Tips For A Successful Freelance Writing Career

Freelance writing is a great way to supplement your income or even replace the day job if you work at it.  There is no shortage of markets for well written and properly researched copy and you can easily start with the things you know best such as your family and hobbies. A word of warning!  [...]

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