Leaf Books Open Competition 2011

Sometimes what your write just doesn’t seem to fit a genre or size, maybe it’s not quite what competitions are asking for. Do you write for children? Graphic Novels? Cartoon strips? Or maybe you have missed a deadline and have this fabulous poem/story/microfiction that you want to send now. This is your opportunity to send [...]

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Tony Lothian Biographers’ Club Prize

Closes: 1st August 2011 Fees: £10 for one entry.  Prizes: £2,000 for first place.  Details: Open to uncommissioned, first-time biographers. Submit: synopsis, 10-page sample chapter, CV, note on market for the book and sources (total 20 pages); plus mandatory entry form from website. Contact: 119A Fordwych Road, London NW2 3NJ Country: United Kingdom Email: anna@annaswan.co.uk [...]

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