Foreign Encounters – Creative Writing Contest

Writers Abroad will be publishing their third Anthology entitled ‘Foreign Encounters’. We are seeking submissions of short stories and non-fiction pieces and poetry on the general theme of relationships around the world. The anthology will be print published and later available as an e-book. This year Writers Abroad will be donating all profits made to [...]

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With a place to stand and a long enough lever, Archimedes claimed he could move the world. Stay right where you are! You can move the world using the written word as leverage. World travel is fine for the unfettered freelance writer who can pack at the drop of an airline ticket. But those of [...]

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Leaf Books Open Competition 2011

Sometimes what your write just doesn’t seem to fit a genre or size, maybe it’s not quite what competitions are asking for. Do you write for children? Graphic Novels? Cartoon strips? Or maybe you have missed a deadline and have this fabulous poem/story/microfiction that you want to send now. This is your opportunity to send [...]

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Leaf Books Memoir 2011 Competition

Closes October 31 2011   In past years our memoir competitions have yielded some fantastic pieces and we look forward to reading them again this year. Send us extract from your own life in 1,000 words or fewer that you think will grab our attention. It can be anything from an amusing anecdote, a terrible [...]

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